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Adjusting   Your   Rear   Derailleur

This is a quick video on how to adjust your rear derailleur, either at home or on the trail.                Learn More
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    Chris Sgaraglino
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    Living the dream

    Just as a priceless and fragile as child is
    in the hands of their parents; they dream.
    We dream of an independent company
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    customers needs. Since the early 90's, I
    have applied my skills to help bikers of
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    We're living that dream. Let us be the
    hands of your dreams.

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    Simple repairs like replacing a punctured tube or installing an accessory can generally be done while you wait. You should call ahead or TXT to make sure I have time to do your repair while you wait. For most repairs you will need to leave your bike with me for a few days. Pro Tune-ups are typically done within 48 hours. When you bring your bike to me, you will be given a free repair assessment, price estimate and turnaround time for the repair. *In the event additional labor or parts are needed to complete the repair, prices may be adjusted and you will be notified prior. During the peak season (March 1 - October 31) the time it takes to complete repairs unfortunately gets a bit longer. I make every effort to keep the maximum turnaround to 4 days or less, however depending on the nature of the repair and the availability of parts, it can take longer.

    Call to schedule an appointment today: 719-229-1068

  • experience the difference

    When your bike is in need of repair, there's no better place to bring it than The Gravity Garage. Whether a simple cable adjustment or a complex suspension repair, I have the expertise and experience to diagnose the problem, make the repair and stand behind my work. Simple repairs like replacing a punctured tube or installing an accessory can generally be done...

  • Professional Tune-Up Services

    Is your bike in need of attention, making annoying noise, been sitting too long and ready for a tune-up? Do you have your own new or used components that you need installed or upgraded? Are you trying to sell your bike and want the most cash for it?
    Most bike shops don't offer anything more than simple look over, a tweak here and there and call it a basic "Tune-Up". . . then they want to charge you all kinds of extras to really get what you need done, actually done? If that's all you need - bring it to me and I'll show you how to wash your bike, inspect your frame, adjust your shifters (no tools), oil your chain, and air up your tires - free of charge! But, if you need a real performance tune-up/overhaul, look what I offer for less than the local bike shops.

    Wash & Tune $45 bucks || Wash, Tune & Photo $50 smackaroos || Pro Tune $65 greenbacks Full Details
  • The breakdown!

    After washing and inspecting your bike (duh, right) -- I start with adjusting and lubing all needed bearings and bushings (hubs, headset, bottom bracket, suspension pivots etc.). Next is your drivetrain and shifting: I will check and lube the chain for wear (replace if needed). Adjust and set your derailleurs and shifters (front & back). Go through your shifting cables and housings (replace if needed). Onto the wheels: I will true the rims and tension your spokes (replace tires & tubes if needed) Ya gotta stop, right: Cantilever Brakes: Adjust the pads, cables and housings (replace pads, cables, housing if needed). Disc (Manual): True the rotors, align the calipers adjust cables and housings (replace pads, cables, housing if needed). Disc (Hydraulic): True the rotors, align the calipers and bleed the lines (replace pads if needed) Pimp my sag: Set and adjust your front suspension for your weight and riding style. Set and adjust your rear suspension for your weight and riding style. **Parts cost extra and will be quoted prior to work.

  • Suspension Fork and Shock Maintenance

    Mountain bike suspension forks and rear shocks need routine service to continue performing at their best. Quality suspension components use oil to both control the wheel as it encounters bumps (damping) and to lubricate internal parts as they slide against each other. The seals on these components do a good job of keeping the oil in and the dirt and water out, but inevitably as the seals wear over time, some contaminants will make it past the seals and into the oil. Riding with dirty oil can make the suspension feel harsh and limit the amount of travel, or worse, it can cause internal wear as the contaminants in the oil continually scrape against the insides of the suspension component. Internal wear can cause play in the fork (a feeling similar to a loose headset) and air or oil leaks.
    I provide the following mountain bike suspension service: Clean and inspect external and internal parts, replace seals and wipers as necessary, replace o-rings, glide rings, damper rods, damper cartridges, etc. as needed, Replace bushings as necessary, refill with fresh oil, set air spring or install coil spring according to your body weight and riding style.
    Rebuilds starting at $155 (allow 1 week for service)

  • Wheel Rebuilds/Repairs, Disc Truing and Bleeds

    I can also rebuild your complete wheel system following a crash to our same high standards. Bicycle Hub Maintenance and Overhaul Services As with most high-performance mechanical components, your hubs need regular service. Keeping them well maintained provides many years of smooth rolling and prevents premature failure of bearings and the freehub.

    A bicycle brake reduces the speed of a bicycle or prevents it from moving; rim brakes, disc brakes, and drum brakes. Most bicycle brake systems consist of three main components: a mechanism for the rider to apply the brakes, such as brake levers or pedals; a mechanism for transmitting that signal, such as Jagwire cables, hydraulic hoses, rods, or the bicycle chain; and the brake mechanism itself, a caliper or drum, to press two or more surfaces together in order to convert, via friction, kinetic energy of the bike and rider into thermal energy to be dissipated. I can handle all your needs form cables to full bleeds.
    Wheel Truing $10 bucks || Bleeds $45 smackaroos || Wheel Builds $140 greenbacks

  • Shifting and Gearing

    For many Colorado mountain bikers and other cyclist, their drivetrain (shifters/chain/derailleurs/cables) are the most common trouble spots on their rig. Whether you ride year round, once to the corner store or pack up the bike for the winter months, it is always best practice to have annual maintenance done ensuring no potential mechanical failures are evident. My focus: Chain, Cassette, Crank, Chain-rings, F/R Derailleurs, Shifters and all Cables: If the chain touches it, it will be removed, disassembled, degreased, and scrubbed clean. We utilize a variety of tools, including an organic parts washer and the Park Tool chain scrubber. Your drivetrain will be as clean and function as it possibly can be without being new.

    Jagwire Cables, Housing & Tune $45 smackaroos || Basic Tuning $25 greenbacks || SRAM Chains starting at $30 bucks

  • Interesting Videos from TGG

    This is a playlist of videos form our YouTube Channel. To select a different video, mouse-over the current video to expose the Playlist Options in the top left corner of the player. To advance to the Next Video, mouse-over the current video and select the NEXT button (lower feft).
  • The Local Scene

    Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region offer incredible opportunities for cyclists of all ages and abilities. Whether you are an experienced road racer or elite mountain biker rider, commuter, or just like to putt around on a local trail, the region can offer it all. There are hundreds of miles of urban, mountain park and Forest Service trails in the region. Colorado Springs and El Paso County alone have well over 100 miles of relatively easy urban trails and dozens of miles of single track trails in its parks and open space areas.

    Additional Resources:

    Sgaraglino Productions
    Sports Cinematography & Photography

    Colorado Springs MTB Club
    Awesome group to ride with!

    Single Tracks
    Best MTB Trails on the Net.

    MTBR: Front Range
    Colorado Front Rage MTB Discussions

  • Resources & Information

    It's easy to be a link in the chain and to ensure the growth and protection of great riding experiences. Support both local and grassroots efforts to improve mountain biking aound your backyard. The work of local and regional chapters and organizations is essential for keeping trails open for mountain biking. Local chapters organize regular rides, trailwork sessions and social events, stay on top of area access issues, and are your go-to resource for all things mountain biking where you live.

    Local Resources:

    Gold Camp Flood Damage
    Trail access affected by the floods.

    Medicine Wheel
    Trail Building & Maintenance.

    Trails & Open Space
    The preservation of open space and parks.

    Kids on Bikes
    Inspire and empower kids through biking.

  • GC Flood Damage
  • Medicine Wheel
  • Trails & Open Space
  • Kids on Bikes
  • 2015 Classes & Training - on your bike!

    Our class are designed for beginners with no mechanical experience, or an in depth comprehensive foundation for the intermediate mechanic looking to up their game. Riders will learn proper mechanical techniques including brakes, gears, all major bearings, wheel truing while working on their own bike.
    Cost: $55/person, limit 2/class, about 2.5 hrs

    Request Info

    Topics Covered:

    Bicycle Basics:
    How to remove and change a tire, fix flats on the trail and basic oil & lube.

    Your Drivetrain:
    How to check/change a chain, adjust shifters & derailleurs.

    Wheels & Brakes
    How to true wheel & rotors, how to check/adjust disc and cantilever brakes.

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